• Amanda


Hello! Welcome to my blog! This is my first ever post (please be gentle), so I've chosen to write about my attitude to make-up and the ethos behind my business.

Firstly i love make-up, i love the colours, textures and smells, I even love the way certain products evoke memories and the physical feel of the packaging. Secondly, I love the creative nature of makeup and how a face becomes the canvas, encouraging an artists creativity and providing endless options. These things are great but what if the very thing I like about makeup is what scares you? What if your Make-Up Artist's creativity takes over and you end up with a look that you just don't feel comfortable with? Yes you appreciate those amazing before and after photos but actually you just want to enhance what nature gave you. You just want to look like you, just a better version, like #youonagoodday

I want to make you feel like the very best version of you, comfortable, happy and beautiful. I want to give you enough confidence to actually forget what you look like and have an amazing day.


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